Warriors: Three HopesWarriors: Three Hopes


An overview of battalions in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Battalions in Three Hopes

This page lists all of the battalions in the game.

Aegir Astral Knights1250G125GResist Swords Lv 42000B
Albinean Vagabonds1500G150GResist Lances Lv 52500A
Alliance Archers750G75GResist Gauntlets Lv 3800D
Alliance Armored Co.750G75GResist Lances Lv 2800D
Alliance Brawlers750G75GResist Tomes Lv 2800D
Alliance Cavalry750G75GResist Swords Lv 2800D
Alliance Champions1250G125GResist Tomes Lv 41500B
Alliance Duelists750G75GResist Axes Lv 2800D
Alliance Guard1250G125GResist Axes Lv 41500B
Alliance Infantry500G50GResist Axes Lv 1600E
Alliance Knights1000G100GResist Swords Lv 31100C
Alliance Lance Co.500G50GResist Swords Lv 1600E
Alliance Magic Corps750G75GResist Bows Lv 2800D
Alliance Magic Users1000G100GResist Bows Lv 31100C
Alliance Master Archers1250G125GResist Gauntlets Lv 51500B
Alliance Pavise Co.1250G125GResist Lances Lv 41500B
Alliance Pegasus Co.1250G125GResist Swords Lv 41500B
Alliance Physicians1250G125GResist Monsters Lv 41500B
Alliance Physickers1000G100GResist Monsters Lv 31100C
Alliance Pugilists1000G100GResist Tomes Lv 31100C
Alliance Sages1250G125GResist Bows Lv 41500B
Alliance Snipers1000G100GResist Gauntlets Lv 41100C
Alliance Veteran Duelists1000G100GResist Axes Lv 31100C
Alliance Warriors500G50GResist Lances Lv 1600E
Alliance Wyvern Co.1000G100GResist Lances Lv 31100C
Almyra Mercenaries1500G150GResist Gauntlets Lv 62000A
Almyra Wyvern Co.1500G150GResist Lances Lv 62000A
Bergliez Squadron1250G125GResist Tomes Lv 61100B
Black Eagle Archers1500G150GResist Gauntlets Lv 52000A
Black Eagle Brawlers1500G150GResist Tomes Lv 52000A
Black Eagle Exorcists1500G150GResist Monsters Lv 52000A
Black Eagle Heavy Axes1500G150GResist Lances Lv 62000A
Black Eagle Magic Corps1500G150GResist Bows Lv 52000A
Black Eagle Pegasus Co.1500G150GResist Swords Lv 52000A
Black Eagle Veteran Duelists1500G150GResist Axes Lv 52000A
Blue Lion Archers1500G150GResist Gauntlets Lv 52000A
Blue Lion Chaplains1500G150GResist Monsters Lv 52000A
Blue Lion Dancers1500G150GResist Tomes Lv 52000A
Blue Lion Knights1500G150GResist Swords Lv 62000A
Blue Lion Magic Corps1500G150GResist Bows Lv 52000A
Blue Lion Veteran Duelists1500G150GResist Axes Lv 52000A
Blue Lion Wyvern Co.1500G150GResist Lances Lv 52000A
Brigid Hunters1250G125GResist Axes Lv 51500B
Brigid Mercenaries1500G150GResist Axes Lv 62000A
Cethleann Monks1500G150GResist Monsters Lv 62000A
Church Soldiers1500G150GResist Monsters Lv 52500A
Cichol Wyvern Co.1250G125GResist Lances Lv 51500B
Dagdan Mercenaries1500G150GResist Gauntlets Lv 62000A
Daphnel Duelists1500G150GResist Axes Lv 62000A
Duscur Heavy Soldiers1500G150GResist Lances Lv 43000A
Duscur Infantry1500G150GResist Axes Lv 52500A
Edmund Troops1500G150GResist Gauntlets Lv 52500A
Einherjar1500G150GResist Lances Lv 103000A
Empire Archers750G75GResist Gauntlets Lv 2800D
Empire Armored Co.750G75GResist Lances Lv 3800D
Empire Brawlers750G75GResist Tomes Lv 2800D
Empire Cavalry750G75GResist Swords Lv 2800D
Empire Champions1250G125GResist Tomes Lv 41500B
Empire Duelists750G75GResist Axes Lv 2800D
Empire Heavy Soldiers1250G125GResist Lances Lv 51500B
Empire Holy Magic Users1250G125GResist Monsters Lv 41500B
Empire Infantry500G50GResist Axes Lv 1600E
Empire Knights1000G100GResist Swords Lv 31100C
Empire Lance Co.500G50GResist Swords Lv 1600E
Empire Magic Corps750G75GResist Bows Lv 2800D
Empire Magic Users1000G100GResist Bows Lv 31100C
Empire Master Archers1250G125GResist Gauntlets Lv 41500B
Empire Pavise Co.1000G100GResist Lances Lv 41100C
Empire Pegasus Co.1250G125GResist Swords Lv 41500B
Empire Physickers1000G100GResist Monsters Lv 31100C
Empire Pugilists1000G100GResist Tomes Lv 31100C
Empire Raiders1250G125GResist Axes Lv 41500B
Empire Sages1250G125GResist Bows Lv 41500B
Empire Snipers1000G100GResist Gauntlets Lv 31100C
Empire Veteran Duelists1000G100GResist Axes Lv 31100C
Empire Warriors500G50GResist Lances Lv 2600E
Essar Research Group1500G150GResist Monsters Lv 71500A
Fódlan Archers1500G150GResist Gauntlets Lv 52500A
Fódlan Fencers1500G150GResist Axes Lv 52500A
Fódlan Liberation Army1500G150GResist Cavalry Lv 72000A
Fraldarius Soldiers1500G150GResist Swords Lv 71500A
Galatea Pegasus Co.1250G125GResist Swords Lv 51500B
Gaspard Knights1500G150GResist Swords Lv 52500A
Gautier Knights1250G125GResist Swords Lv 42000B
Gloucester Knights1500G150GResist Swords Lv 62000A
Golden Deer Archers1500G150GResist Gauntlets Lv 62000A
Golden Deer Brawlers1500G150GResist Tomes Lv 52000A
Golden Deer Cavalry1500G150GResist Swords Lv 52000A
Golden Deer Magic Corps1500G150GResist Bows Lv 52000A
Golden Deer Preservers1500G150GResist Monsters Lv 52000A
Golden Deer Veteran Duelists1500G150GResist Axes Lv 52000A
Golden Deer Wyvern Co.1500G150GResist Lances Lv 52000A
Goneril Valkyries1250G125GResist Lances Lv 61100B
Hevring Prayer Troops1500G150GResist Monsters Lv 62000A
Holst's Chosen1500G150GResist Lances Lv 71500A
Holy Knights of Seiros1250G125GResist Swords Lv 42000B
Immortal Corps1000G100GResist Gauntlets Lv 62500C
Indech Sword Fighters1250G125GResist Axes Lv 41500B
Independent Mercenaries1500G150GResist Axes Lv 83000A
Jeralt's Mercenaries1000G100GResist Axes Lv 62500C
King of Lions Corps1000G100GResist Swords Lv 62500C
Kingdom Archers750G75GResist Gauntlets Lv 2800D
Kingdom Armored Co.750G75GResist Lances Lv 2800D
Kingdom Brave Lance Co.1000G100GResist Swords Lv 41100C
Kingdom Brawlers750G75GResist Tomes Lv 2800D
Kingdom Cavalry750G75GResist Swords Lv 3800D
Kingdom Champions1250G125GResist Tomes Lv 41500B
Kingdom Duelists750G75GResist Axes Lv 2800D
Kingdom Fencers1250G125GResist Axes Lv 41500B
Kingdom Heavy Knights1250G125GResist Lances Lv 41500B
Kingdom Infantry500G50GResist Axes Lv 1600E
Kingdom Lance Co.500G50GResist Swords Lv 2600E
Kingdom Magic Corps750G75GResist Bows Lv 2800D
Kingdom Magic Users1000G100GResist Bows Lv 31100C
Kingdom Master Archers1250G125GResist Gauntlets Lv 41500B
Kingdom Physickers1000G100GResist Monsters Lv 31100C
Kingdom Priests1250G125GResist Monsters Lv 41500B
Kingdom Pugilists1000G100GResist Tomes Lv 31100C
Kingdom Sages1250G125GResist Bows Lv 41500B
Kingdom Snipers1000G100GResist Gauntlets Lv 31100C
Kingdom Veteran Duelists1000G100GResist Axes Lv 31100C
Kingdom Warriors500G50GResist Lances Lv 1600E
Kingdom Wyvern Co.1000G100GResist Lances Lv 31100C
Leicester Dicers Corps1250G125GResist Tomes Lv 61100B
Leicester Mercenaries1500G150GResist Axes Lv 43000A
Macuil Evil Repelling Co.1500G150GResist Bows Lv 52000A
Merchant Brawler Militia1250G125GResist Tomes Lv 42000B
Merchant Sword Militia1250G125GResist Axes Lv 42000B
Mockingbird's Thieves1500G150GResist Axes Lv 52500A
Morfis Magic Corps1500G150GResist Bows Lv 62000A
Mountslayer Magic Corps1250G125GResist Cavalry Lv 41500B
Mountslayer Sorcery Co.1500G150GResist Cavalry Lv 52000A
New Guardians of Fódlan1500G150GResist Axes Lv 52500A
Nuvelle Fliers Corps1250G125GResist Bows Lv 61100B
Opera Co. Volunteers1500G150GResist Tomes Lv 52500A
Ordelia Sorcery Co.1500G150GResist Cavalry Lv 71500A
Platepiercer Duelists1250G125GResist Armor Lv 41500B
Platepiercer Fencers1500G150GResist Armor Lv 52000A
Reaper Knights1000G100GResist Swords Lv 71100C
Retinue of the Goddess1500G150GResist Swords Lv 93000A
Rising Star Mercenaries1000G100GResist Axes Lv 62500C
Royal Guard1250G125GResist Swords Lv 51500B
Sauin Militia1500G150GResist Gauntlets Lv 62000A
School of Sorcery Soldiers1250G125GResist Bows Lv 61100B
Secret Transport Force1250G125GResist Swords Lv 42000B
Seiros Gatekeepers1500G150GResist Swords Lv 33500A
Seiros Sacred Monks1250G125GResist Monsters Lv 51500B
Sreng Warriors1500G150GResist Lances Lv 62000A
Supreme Armored Co.1000G100GResist Lances Lv 62500C
Timotheos Magi Corps1500G150GResist Cavalry Lv 52500A
Varley Archers1500G150GResist Gauntlets Lv 52500A
Vestra Sorcery Engineers1500G150GResist Cavalry Lv 71500A
Victor Private Military1250G125GResist Axes Lv 51500B
Volunteer Archers1000G100GResist Gauntlets Lv 41100C
Volunteer Armored Co.1000G100GResist Lances Lv 41100C
Volunteer Brawlers1000G100GResist Tomes Lv 41100C
Volunteer Cavalry1000G100GResist Swords Lv 41100C
Volunteer Infantry1000G100GResist Axes Lv 41100C
Volunteer Magic Corps1000G100GResist Bows Lv 41100C
Wingrender Archers1250G125GResist Fliers Lv 41500B
Wingrender Snipers1500G150GResist Fliers Lv 52000A
Warriors: Three HopesWarriors: Three Hopes