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An overview of classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Classes in Three Hopes

Three Hopes features almost every class that appeared in Three Houses, and even provides a "preferred" class path for all units. Similar to Three Houses, every class provides a set of stat modifiers that are thematic to the class. Classes also have growth rates, giving units the potential gain extra stats on top of their fixed level ups.

In addition to the Three Houses classes, Shez (Avatar) has their own unique dual wielding classes called Fluegel and Asura.

Every class has their own combat moveset, and the majority of attacks will be same regardless of which unit is in the class. The exception is Warrior Specials, which are usually unique for units in their canon classes.

Promotion System

Since the majority of the game doesn't take place at the Officers Academy, the promotion system has shifted away from examinations with specific skill requirements. Instead, every class has 3 levels of mastery represented by stars, and a unit must reach the 3rd mastery level of the precursor class to promote with the appropriate seal.

Beginner classes are now available to all units at base, and can promote into one or more intermediate classes. The original base classes Noble and Commoner are only used for NPCs and do not appear in the promotion tree.

Class Abilities and Learnsets

Like in Three Houses, every class has a set of abilities tied to it. Units will gain these abilities simply by being in the given class, and these abilities do not take up ability slots.

As units gain more mastery in a class, they will learn new abilities, combat arts, and spells. Unlike class abilities, any abilities/arts/spells that are learned via class mastery are permanently available to the unit, even if they change classes. The exact abilities/arts/spells that are gained through class mastery depends on the unit, and generally fit the character's profile. For example earning the first mastery level for Mage yields the Cutting Gale (Wind) spell for Annette, versus the Thoron (Lightning) spell for Dorothea. Each character's class learnset can be viewed on their page. They are also listed below.

Weapon Ranks

Each class can one weapon type, except for Fighters which can use Axes, Bows, and Gauntlets. At base, all units have an E rank in all weapon types. Upon reaching the first mastery level of a beginner class, a unit will acquire D ranks in that class's weapon types (only plural because of Fighter). Upon promoting, units will acquire the next major rank in their weapon type, and upon reaching the first mastery level for the newly promoted class will receive the next minor rank (+).

The higher the weapon rank, the more consecutive attacks can be performed with that weapon type. The following table shows the maximum amount of regular attacks (Y) and strong attack combos (X) that can be performed. Major ranks generally unlock the next strong combo attack, minor ranks (+) unlock the next regular attack.

W. RankMax RegularMax Strong

Beginner Classes

Basic classes that are available to all units.

Game Data

Beginner classes all need 50 class experience for each mastery level. 150 class experience is needed for full mastery.

Master Classes

Master classes that are available to units that have mastered one or more advanced classes.

Game Data

Master classes all require a Master Seal to acquire. They all need 2000 class experience for each mastery level. 6000 class experience is needed for full mastery.

Warriors: Three HopesWarriors: Three Hopes