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The avatar unit and protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Hopes. Shez is a mercenary, and was working under Captain Berling until Jeralt's Mercenaries wiped their group out. Shez is linked to a mysterious entity named Arval, who has saved Shez's life on multiple occasions. After meeting Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude on a chance encounter, Shez ends up coerced into going to the monastery, which kicks off the events of Three Hopes.


  • Getting stronger
  • Mercenary work

On This Page

Game Data

Stats, abilities, class data, and more.

Starting Data

Shez is playable on all routes and joins with the following data.

Recruitment timePrologue
Recruitment methodAutomatically from the start
Starting classLevel 1 Myrmidon
Base stats
Class masteryNone
Learned skillsNone

Stat Caps


Preferred Class Path

Myrmidon > Fluegel > Swordmaster > Asura


Shez does not have a crest.

Unique Abilities

Shadowflash Lv 1Gain a chance to perform a few attacks that instantly defeat non-commander units. Chance increases with hit count. Press ZR to dash a short distance.Action
Mortal Coil Lv 1When HP is at 90% or above: increases the Warrior Gauge fill rate.Support
Mercenary Creed Lv 1When ordered to attack: increases damage dealt to enemies by 30%.Tactical

Innate Combat Arts

At base, Shez can use the following combat arts.

WeaponCombat ArtDescription
Wrath StrikePerform a powerful sword attack.
GrounderStrike swiftly with a trio of slashes.
EarthsplitterPerform an air-to-ground plunging thrust.
WheelsweepStrike a wide area with a sweeping attack that also produces a shockwave.
Returning AxeStrike a wide area with a hurl of the axe.
Swinging FuryEffective against armored units.
Curved ShotUnleash a volley of arrows that travels in a straight line.
Spiral ShotLoose arrows at a wide surrounding area.
Rushing BlowCharges forward with fists flying.
Dual DevastatorsPummel the enemy with both fists. Deals damage to enemy Stun Gauges.

Innate Magic

At base, Shez can use the following magic spells.

BlizzardBasic ice magic.Damage
NosferatuBasic light magic attack. Absorb a portion of inflicted damage as HP.Damage

Beginner Class Learnset

Intermediate Class Learnset

Advanced Class Learnset

Master Class Learnset

Personal Information

Character profile data.


Pre-timeskipWandering mercenary
Post-timeskipMercenary captain for the Adrestian Empire


InterestsGetting stronger, mercenary work
LikesSeeing his/her friends smile, his/her adoptive mother, not going hungry
DislikesLosing, reading maps, wasting time

Gift Preferences

Liked GiftsN/A
Disliked GiftsN/A

Meal Preferences

Liked MealsN/A
Neutral MealsN/A
Disliked MealsN/A
Warriors: Three HopesWarriors: Three Hopes