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Reward Master

Earn in-game rewards for completing achievements.

Earning Rewards

The Reward Master is located next to the Strategist and the Facilities Master in the Command Center. He will give you rewards as you reach milestones of achievements completed. Every reward is unlocked based on the number of total achievements completed, it does not matter what the achievements are. Rewards range from stat boosters, promotion seals, resources, and even battalions.

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In-game achievements for doing specific things.

Achievement Categories

Achievements are divided into the following 6 categories.

  • Battle Prep — This includes things like upgrading your camp and gaining support with allies
  • Equipment — This includes things like collecting the Hero's Relics and other weapons
  • War Map — These relate to the non-combat parts of battle, such as completing side quests and exploring the map
  • Story — All story achievements were scrubbed from the demo
  • Growth — These relate to unit growth, such as learning abilities and gaining levels
  • Combat — Obtained by performing specific moves while in battle

List of Achievements

Most achievements were scrubbed from the demo. This page will be updated when the full game comes out.


Rewards given by the Reward Master for completing achivements.

List of Rewards

The following table lists the rewards given per achievement milestone.

3Intermediate Seal x1Item
10Fruit of Life x1Item
20Intermediate Seal x1Item
30Rocky Burdock x1Item
40Smithing Stone x1Item
50Premium Magic Herbs x1Item
60Bullion x1Item
70Ailell Pomegranate x1Item
80Advanced Seal x1Item
90Speed Carrot x1Item
100Secret Transport Force x1Battalion
110Miracle Bean x1Item
120Advanced Seal x1Item
130Ambrosia x1Item
140Large Bullion x1Item
150Owl Feather x1Item
160White Verona x1Item
170Master Seal x1Item
180Golden Apple x1Item
190Owl Feather x1Item
200Wootz Steel x50Item
210Seraph Robe x1Item
220Essar Research Group x1Battalion
230Energy Drop x1Item
240Master Seal x1Item
250Extra Large Bullion x1Item
260Spirit Dust x1Item
270Owl Feather x3Item
210Secret Book x1Item
210Extra Large Bullion x1Item
300Agarthium x75Item
310Speedwing x1Item
320Platepiercer Fencers x1Battalion
330Mountslayer Sorcery Co. x1Battalion
340Wingrender Snipers x1Battalion
350Independent Mercenaries x1Battalion
360Goddess Icon x1Item
370Owl Feather x3Item
380Giant Shell x1Item
390Mythril x100Item
400Retinue of the Goddess x1Battalion
410Talisman x1Item
420Black Pearl x1Item
430Umbral Steel x150Item
440Einherjar x1Battalion
450Chalice of Beginnings x1Equipment

This page was made based on data that is available in the Three Hopes demo. It will be updated after the full game comes out.

Warriors: Three HopesWarriors: Three Hopes