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Base Camp

The army's base of operations.

Base Camp Guide

The base camp is your army's base of operations. Between battles, the player can walk around the base camp to interact with other units and take advantage of various facilities. It is effectively the equivalent of exploring the monastery in Three Houses. Similarly to the monastery, there are random items scattered around the base camp which can be identified as blue sparkles. Unlike Three Houses however, it seems that these items are always documents that add to the lore, but do not impact gameplay at all. The base camp is unlocked after completing chapter 3, and after the two year time skip.

Like the monastery, certain activities will cost activity points. Activity points are replenished at the start of every chapter, and will likely increase as your camp level increases.

Facility NPC Guides

Locations and Facility NPCs

Locations and NPCs of interest around the base camp.

Personal Quarters

Regardless of which route you chose, Shez will be made a Mercenary Captain of either the Empire, Kingdom, or Alliance due to the ongoing war. As a captain, you are given your own personal quarters. Like in Three Houses, you can change your units' appearances at the personal quarters, both in and out of combat. The player can also interact with Arval, who waits there just like Sothis did for Byleth.

The player can also view any documents that were picked up around the base camp, as well as spend their Renown. In the demo, the only things that can be purchased with Renown are stat boosters. The weak stat boosters that only grant +1 cost 3 Renown, and the stronger stat boosters cost 6 Renown.

Personal Quarters


The strategist seems to serve no purpose other than taking the player to the War Map, which can also be done by heading to the camp exit or pressing ZR.


Facilities Master

The Facilities Master allows you to spend building materials and gold in order to expand your other facilities. This can also be done by visiting an NPC that runs a feature that is part of a facility. For more information including a list of facility upgrades, take a look at the Facilities Master guide.

Facilities Master

Reward Master

The Reward Master keeps track of various achievements that the player can unlock while playing the game. Achievements range from things like obtaining equipment, using base camp facilities, performing specific actions in combat, and reaching certain points of the story. As the player completes more achievements, the Reward Master will give you things like stat boosters, weapons, battalions, and other resources. Perhaps the most interesting achievement that it available in the demo is to obtain all Hero's Relics, which implies that all of them are obtainable, either via recruiting or dropping. For more information including a list of rewards, take a look at the Reward Master guide.

Reward Master

Training Instructor

The Training Instructor is the most important facility for improving your units' combat prowess. At this facility, the player can train their units' class experience, increase their levels (or even reset them to 0 if the level ups were bad), acquiring new classes at the cost of seals, and test out move sets in a mock battle. For more details, take a look at the Training Instructor guide.


Kitchen Master

The Kitchen Master is the equivalent of the Dining Hall from Three Houses. The player can cook and then eat with two units of their choice. Cooking and eating costs 1 activity point. The two units chosen will gain support with Shez, as well as with eachother. The player's army will also receive an in-combat benefit based on the meal cooked, which lasts until the end of the chapter. For more details, take a look at the Kitchen Master guide.


Chore Master

The Chore Master is similar to the group tasks that you could assign to students during lectures in Three Houses. There are a set of tasks that Shez can volunteer to do with the help of two other units, and everyone involved will build an amount of support with eachother. Choosing units that excel in the given task will yield more rewards. Every chore costs 1 activity point. For more details, head to the Chore Master guide.



Sometimes after conquering a new region on the War Map, allies that have reached at least a C support level with Shez may want to go on an expedition. You can invite them to do so in the base camp for one activity point. For more details, check the Expeditions guide.

Camp Level

Improving facilities makes your camp better.

Increasing Camp Level

As the player upgrades more facilities with the Facilities Master, they will make progress into upgrading their camp level. This seems to be a rating that is similar to Professor Level from Three Houses, so it will likely allow for an increase in Training Points and Activity Points. The demo doesn't give you enough resources to upgrade more than a handful of facilities, so we don't really know how this works yet.

This page was made based on data that is available in the Three Hopes demo. It will be updated after the full game comes out.

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