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Training Instructor

Grow your units' class mastery and levels.

Training Units In Base Camp

The Training Instructor runs the Training Grounds area, and he gives the player a way to grow units out-of-combat. On top of providing services to increase unit class mastery and unit level, the player can also deploy two units in a mock battle to test out movesets. Enemies in mock battles do not deal damage to the player.

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Train Class Experience

Increasing unit class experience.

Increasing Class Experience

In the "Train" menu, the player can set up groups of two units to train together. The base number of group slots is 3, but this number can be increased through facility effects. Although a group can have only one unit in it, doing so will not give the single unit any extra class experience, so it's better to just use all available slots.

The player can also select which class to train for each unit. The trained unit does not have to currently be in a class in order to train it, it's sufficient for the class to be unlocked.

Class Experience Given

The base amount of class experience given per session per unit is 60. This value can be increased by a flat amount depending on which class the unit is currently in ("Class Bonus"), as well as which unit is their training partner ("Partner Bonus"). Interestingly enough, the Partner Bonus isn't bidirectional. For example Hilda will gain a Partner Bonus when paired with Marianne, but Marianne doesn't one from Hilda. Guess Hilda's just too lazy to cheer her on.

Some of the Training Grounds facility effects imply that they'll give extra class experience for certain weapon types, but it wasn't possible to unlock those effects in the demo.

Every training session will result in either "Nice", "Good", or "Perfect" for each pair of units. Like lectures in Three Houses, these results can be saved scummed. The following table lists the class experience multipliers for every result.


Level Up / Reset

The Training Instructor can increase unit levels for a cost, or reset them back to level 1 for free.

Leveling Up Units

The Training Instructor can level up your units to match your highest level unit in exchange for some gold. This is a great way to get units up to speed without needing to grind them in battle.

The instructor essentially bills you for the amount of experience given (it may be 1 gold per 1 experience), so the cost per level will slightly increase the higher a unit goes.

Level 1 > 2100 gold
Level 2 > 3125 gold
Level 3 > 4150 gold
Level 4 > 5175 gold
Level 5 > 6200 gold
Level 6 > 7250 gold
Level 7 > 8300 gold
Level 8 > 9350 gold
Level 9 > 10400 gold
Level 10 > 11450 gold
Level 11 > 12500 gold
Level 12 > 13550 gold
Level 13 > 14600 gold
Level 14 > 15650 gold

Level Reset

The Training Instructor can also reset a unit's level back to 1 while retaining abilities, combat arts, and magic, because those are learned via class mastery rather than level. This is likely because level ups are actually random in Three Hopes unlike the first Warriors game, so this is a way to prevent units from getting stat-screwed. Unlike leveling up a unit, resetting back to level 1 is free.

This page was made based on data that is available in the Three Hopes demo. It will be updated after the full game comes out.

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