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Combat Art Attributes

An overview of combat art attributes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Combat Art Attributes in Three Hopes

A lot of combat arts and spells have special attributes that either increase damage dealt or provide some other benefit to using the art/spell. These attributes typically make some thematic sense based on what the art or spell is doing. Unlike weapon attributes which can be random, these attributes are always tied to the combat art / spell, regardless of who is using it.

The following table lists all of the combat art and spell attributes, along with the arts and spells that have each attribute.

Cannot Guard
Opponents cannot guard.
High critical hit rate.
Dark Magic (Spellbound)
Spellbinds the opponent. Spellbound units will move slowly, have reduced defense and resistance, and will not able to prevent damage even when guarding.
Effective vs All
Effective against all enemies.
Effective vs Armored Units
Effective against armored units.
Effective vs Cavalry
Effective against mounted units.
Effective vs Fliers
Effective against fliers.
Effective vs Monsters
Effective against monsters.
Fire Magic (Burning)
Burns the opponent, causing continual damage for a time. Burning units may combust if hit with a follow-up attack.
Guard Break
Breaks opponent's guard.
Guard Pierce
Inflicts damage even when opponent is guarding.
Recovers the user's or an ally's HP.
Ice Magic (Frozen)
Freezes the opponent. Frozen units are unable to move or attack.
Instant Kill
Has a chance to instantly defeat non-commander units.
Light Magic
Inflicts light magic damage on the opponent.
Lightning Magic (Shock)
Shocks the opponent. Shocked units discharge electricity when sent flying, damaging units around them and rendering them shocked as well.
Reduce Stun Gauge
Depletes the stun gauge.
Strengthens the user.
Weakens the opponent.
Wind Magic (Windtorn)
Inflicts the windtorn status. Windtorn units take more damage when in the air.
Warriors: Three HopesWarriors: Three Hopes